Alex Ahad, art director and creator of Skullgirls, does a quick sketch of Ms. Fortune for Kimlinh Tran while at AM2 this past weekend!

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The Skullgirls voice cast play through Ms. Fortune’s story mode with hilarious results. Recorded by Kaiji Tang.

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Here it is, everyone’s favorite (and mine)! The rough animation for Ms. Fortune’s victory. Ms. Fortune’s the toughest opponent in the game, but I can never be mad when I lose to her, because she always congratulates herself as displayed.

(Apologies for having to take this one down before in particular, I know all of you guys really liked this one and were kind enough to reblog it everywhere. Hope you’ll still enjoy it!)

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So, I meant to draw this almost an entire year ago when I was first hired on the Skullgirls project. This would’ve made more sense during the actual Summer, but I kept putting it off until more characters were officially announced. By that point I had gotten so caught up in other work I never got around to it, but I finally sat down and made some time to draw it now that the game’s released and I’ve played through it!

For those who don’t know, I did various character animations on the game for Parasoul, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel and a little bit for Valentine. I’ve grown really attached to the characters over the past year, so doing this piece was a lot of fun. I haven’t drawn “babes” in quite a while, so designing swimsuits and beachwear for these six were a lot of fun (sorry for the lack of love towards the bosses, I only had so much time). There’s some major dimensional and scaling problems with this piece compared to my original layout, but I think it’s still some of my best rendering work for the individual character drawings. I also wanted to do something more based in an actual environment instead of them all just being in a line together.

Filia I couldn’t help but be a little cheeky with her “swimsuit”. I thought about making Samson look like he was enjoying it a bit too much, but thought that’d be going a little too far. Cerebella had the sacrifice of having her back facing the camera while playing volleyball, but I tried to make up for it with ‘dat ass. Peacock I gave a rather innocent-looking suit since she’s a young’un, but then I thought her towering over a sandcastle would be hilarious. Went with some classy and subtle for Parasoul. Would’ve had an Egret sweating his balls off holding up her umbrella, but it would’ve taken too long, so I opted out on putting Ms. Fortune’s body laying down next to her, while her head would be used for the volleyball. Painwheel I didn’t get too inventive with, but came out looking alright.

Maybe I’ll do some more individual sketches of these, but this was tons of fun to draw for the two days I set aside for it. I hope all of you guys with XBLA and PSN are enjoying the game and look forward to more Skullgirls goodness!

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Roughs for Ms. Fortune’s Standing Weak Punch.

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Roughs for Ms. Fortune’s Crouching Heavy Punch.

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Ms. Fortune’s Dashing Heavy Punch. I’m remembering now that the Crouching Block was the first bit of animation I did for Ms. Fortune and this move was the last bit I worked on before moving to Painwheel. This WAS the first time I witnessed how um…bloody, her moves can be. When her first gameplay video came out, I was shocked!

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Gonna start uploading these now with proper adjustments. This is Ms. Fortune’s crouching block, with headless version. I’ll do these one at a time, so as to note flood people’s timelines.

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