Username: Serpentine
Location: Unknown, UK
Class: Animalistic
Power: Mighty Claws
Special Techniques:
Beastly Slash - The user attacks their opponent with a powerful swing of their claw.

"Simdragon" as this guy was previously referred to, had a VERY different role. I wouldn’t necessarily say more important, because although he was the second-in-command to the series’ longtime villain…he came off as being kind of a waste. I’ll admit, he had a few fun fight scenes throughout the series’ first two seasons, but his story had nothing to it. I don’t think I ever even established his motives or sense of loyalty to the hacker boss, "Voltarius". When I was redesigning the original characters from TvTome Adventures, Simdragon was actually one that I completely forgot about until later, which goes to show you how forgettable he was in the long-run.

…BUT THEN, a sudden lightning bolt of inspiration struck. I loved the use of role-playing characters in the new series, particularly with Nylocke. However, the thought of a role-playing rival came to mind for our gallant dragon…what if it were someone ACTING like a villain! When I decided to make the Nylocke short, it was the perfect opportunity to use such a character. “But who would it be?” I thought. initially what came to mind was a big Gannondorf-esque brute with a booming voice. Then it hit me…Simdragon WAS practically Nylocke’s rival in the original series! So, since I had decided to leave him out of the hacker group this time around, feeling there was no need for a second-in-command, I thought that making him a more “harmless” villain would be suiting! His and Nylocke’s exaggerations and knack for storytelling in the heat of battle complemented each other perfectly. I had a fun time writing their banter in the Nylocke short, especially having Serpentine (as I decided to re-title him) using such poetic wordplay coupled with Steven Kelly’s DEAD-ON Tim Curry impression. Some other ideas in mind for Serpentine’s voice were something along the lines of Gaston from Beauty & The Beast or the Ghost Host from Disney’s Haunted Mansion, but Steven’s Tim Curry impression ended up being the funniest and most impressive performance. The throwback to Simdragon’s classic “FOOLISH!” line came 100 times more natural the Serpentine’s portrayal. Although this doofus may not be involved with the main storyline, he’s proving to be a fun distraction.