Whachow Theme: Tiny Toons style, by Kirbopher

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It’s wha-wy!
It’s chowy!
It’s gassy and it’s assy!
…and on this podcasty we are screaming in your ears!

We’re comic dispensers
We’ve got no fucking censors.
Wha-Chow! is like the stuff of all your deepest darkest fears!
We read personal fuck-you’s that listeners submit.
We also answer questions but we hardly give a shit.
The fics were rejected, aw someone disconnected.
We’ll be right back on Wha-Chow! please don’t throw a fit.

They’re furry, they’re funny, they’re MusicalMike ‘n Shady.
And Psy has lots of money, and Kirbopher’s a pain!
Here’s Gina…and Gabby! Dave likes to say “Crikey!”
Blizooka gets angry, and Martin is INSANE.

At Muscle Tower we get hosting for our episodes.
To all the people who don’t like us they can suck our chodes!

It’s stupid!
It’s mindless!
It’s lack of human progress.
Wha-Chow!’s about to start and here is Psyguy’s butt.
It’s like a kick in the nuts!