Thanks to everyone’s support, the CQ Kickstarter has surpassed its goal, raising over $20,000 in its first day! I can’t possibly express how grateful and excited I am, so please accept this little thank-you image for now.

I really gotta commend Gigideegee on this. This kickstarter raising such an incredible amount in ONE day is not only a testament to her as an artist, but also to all of her fans.

A little while ago, I was worried that people on the internet just didn’t give a shit about original content produced by “the little” guy anymore; that it was all about parodies and tributes to stuff made by bigger companies. My Little Pony, Skyrim, Minecraft, Pokemon Red & Blue (for…some reason, out of nowhere) and the like. Then I was even wondering, “do they even like the original things at ALL anymore, or is it all about the stuff making fun of/paying tribute to them”. It was really confusing…and a little disheartening.

Then this happened. Not only did people, of their own volition, push the fundraiser goal to well over TWICE the number it asked for…but I realized, this is also content that’s already for free, online. People DIDN’T have to pay a cent…and they DID! Out of the goodness of people’s hearts, their loyalty and support towards an original piece of artwork NOT made by a giant company with millions backing it, they were willing to spend money in order then subsequently pay MORE money to own a physical copy something that’s technically already free to have on the internet. That is absolutely incredible.

It fills me with hope that people willingly do stuff like this. Gigi and her work deserve it and I think that everyone who donated should be extremely proud of themselves for such an amazing feat. If anything, I hope there are more cases like this in the future, because this is just mind-blowing.