My NEW Smash Bros. Predictions - Kirblog 4/19/14

Flashing forward about four months since my last Smash Bros. prediction video, I’ve come up with quite a few new theories! On this week’s Kirblog I go over my general thoughts and opinions about the new info revealed in the Smash Bros. Direct a while back, along with some ideas on who may or may not be appearing in the upcoming 3DS & Wii U game as a playable character. Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

Got questions or ideas for subjects? Leave a comment here, tweet at me, shoot me a question to my ask-box on tumblr or anything you like; I’m always open to suggestions!

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so kirbykirbopher was asked about a hexfusion meme

oh no my hand slipped

oh no my hand slipped not enough to do the final one because i’m tired from a myriad of things

oh no sat!white is my favorite (and so is kirb’s)

Oooooooh, this is great! There you go anon!

(So… I got bored waiting for asks and did a fanart of blizooka's fanart meme thing. tried to incorporate elements of all six but not entirely satisfied with the helmet.)

FUCKIN RAD!! thank you!!

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Eliza Rough Animations

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Super Freakin’ Parody Rangers! II: Green Day

"Go, Go, Parody Rangers! 2"
Originally submitted to Newgrounds on May 10th, 2007

The second installment of the Parody Rangers trilogy. By this time I had officially “ended” TvTome Adventures and decided to shift my focus entirely on doing stuff like this, for better or for worse. This one introduced the character “Billiam” to replace the previous Blue Ranger character, “Willy” - both voiced by Edwyn Tiong. Edwyn’s initial recordings for Willy were very smarmy and flamboyant, which wasn’t what I was going for, but ultimately found funnier and decided to use that personality instead. Billiam became one of my personal favorite characters, as it was easy for me to just let Edwyn improv and go absolutely ridiculous with all of his dialogue. This also included “Flyguy”, another character voiced by Arin, doing his Goldar impression, the Green Ranger, which was inspired by Cailen Denton’s spot-on impression of Vector the Crocodile (and him being one of my stronger actors at the time) and a few guests…some of which I still look back on and am astounded by how I managed to convince a few of them to be in this. Kevin M. Connolly (Fullmetal Alchemist), Mike Pollock (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Kyle Hebert (Dragon Ball Z) all made appearances as minor characters in this. After this came Rawest Forest, after which I immediately began working on the third and (at the time) final installment.

I’ve also, as a bonus, included the “Renaldo Showroom” cartoon at the end.

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TOME Episode 06: Dragon Drama PART 1 by Chris Niosi



In the world of TOME, there is an unstoppable force of good that roams the virtual landscape protecting the innocent and striking down evil…NNNYLOCKE, MASTER OF HELPING THOSE IN NEED! One night, the daring dragon logs onto for a night of adventure with his comrade, Gamecrazed. However, a bold new problem presents itself to our hero. When even Nylocke himself is unable to fix a problem, his world is turned upside-down and begins to doubt himself. Will the master of right and wrong crumble before the simplest of dilemmas, or can he overcome this dragon drama!?

Starring Martin “Littlekuriboh” Billany and features the special guest voice talents of Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack and Mike “OneKids” Hecht, with orchestral arrangements by Steven M. Kelly.

Like the official TOME Facebook page!

Follow the creator, Chris Niosi, on Twitter!

Download the series’ music from the TOME Bandcamp!

Buy TOME merchandise from Level Up Studios!

TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, is a Flash-Animated webseries about a futuristic virtual reality game from the year 2020. The story focuses on five players in the world of TOME, who become wrapped up in the activity of some bizarre hackers, searching the game for an item called “The Forbidden Power”. Follow the adventures of our heroes, Alpha, Kirbopher, Flamegirl, Gamecrazed and Nylocke in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!

Chris Niosi is an animation artist from New York, known for his +100 cartoons on sites like Newgrounds, as well as voicework in various anime and video games. He is also a proud partner of the Channel Frederator network!

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▸ MMBN3D - Trailer 1!


Hey everyone, update from Team MMBN3D here! It’s the first reveal of footage of MMBN3D! Please enjoy!

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work and will continue to do so until the release of the game around summer 2014. You’ll be able to collect chips, build your folder and take on a variety of enemies and challenges. 

Follow us on twitter too!

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so kirbykirbopher was asked about a hexfusion meme

oh no my hand slipped

oh no my hand slipped not enough to do the final one because i’m tired from a myriad of things

oh no sat!white is my favorite (and so is kirb’s)

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That direct was the best thing ever, here’s the entire playable cast so far!

In the style of my webcomic found @

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It would be really awesome if Greninja’s surf took shape of other pokemon

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