A new TOME AMV? Hooray!

I’m not big on Dubstep music, I thought I’d try something different this time around. Although I like this song I never want to hear it again… anyway, enjoy!

Watch TOME episodes here!

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A promotional poster of the major TOME Season 2 characters I’ve been wanting to illustrate for a while. The idea for Alpha and the gang on one side and the Netkings on the opposite side was in mind from the beginning, but Zetto and Kizuna’s profiles on the side came later. The artwork also turned out to work well for some of the episode preview images.

Major thanks to Jourdan Lasko for the amazing background artwork on the ;Sanctuary region as well as Webmaster’s room.

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Felt like tossing this together.

Music: King Boo’s theme by Kazumi Totaka

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"I created that character design and you gladly accepted it."

New favorite character or at the very least well up there in my top 5. Rubi is such a little trolling shit and that’s why he’s fantastic. (along with the neat redesign Kirb gave him, really love his whole crystal/mirror theme) 

Gotta stop with the 1 AM character sketching, but it’s been like a week and half since I drew ANYTHING. Had to get at least one doodle out of my system even if I was yelling at this drawing the whole time. :T

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The horror…the horror. - Kirblog 10/18/14 

Been sitting on this question from Vitalus Pulsar for a while that fit perfectly for the Halloween season! He asked about some moments in media that genuinely scared and/or disturbed me, so on this weekend’s Kirblog I recount a few moments from my childhood where I utterly lost my shit. Particularly, the opening music of the “Ghost Train” episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and the “Tale of the Midnight Madness” episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?…and more! Share with me, in the comments below, YOUR scariest moments from shows, movies and games you grew up with!

Got questions or ideas for subjects? Leave a comment here, tweet at me, shoot me a question to my ask-box on tumblr or anything you like; I’m always open to suggestions!

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Couldn’t make the second one work, but at least there’s the flats :P. Twas fun to draw anyhow, not enough Nye and Flamey being dorks art.

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Episode 11 and 12 backgrounds/props I did for TOME! Got permission from Kirb to showcase these ones in particular. I had a blast working on all them, especially the Netking rooms. Rubi’s is hands down my favorite of the bunch, though Execk’s is a close second since I did some special effects for both backgrounds.

Overall it’s been quite the learning experience being able to work on this series and it’s helped immensely in understanding flash more as well as getting me involved in subtle special effects animation. 

PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE OUTSIDE OF THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE, which is directly for use in the show itself. It’s why they’re not posted in high resolution as requested of me and I am sharing them to merely showcase the work I did for the episodes. Please respect the wishes of the show and my art.You’re more then welcome though to use them as references if you intend to say draw these locations.

Enjoy! :) 

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"So shut up and suck it!

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