file ‘demon zetto’ under a short list of ‘things liz never gets tired of drawing’

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Here’s an Anime Expo commission I’ve been waiting to post!

It’s Season 2 Alpha from kirbopher's TOME series! This was also used for the new soundtrack cover.

SO honored to have Mike doing artwork for the show. Mike basically co-created/co-designed the characters with me on the original TTA, so seeing him illustrate the current versions of the characters is awesome. C:

Follow him on tumblr if you’re not already!!

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"You could have done that a little sooner…"

"Nah… You needed a time out."

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They say that the sound of a cat’s purr is scientifically proven to relieve stress.  So here is a minute of my cat Meatball purring. It borders between adorable and terrifying.

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Characters based on Friends - Kirblog 8/30/14 

Got a great question from cheerios-the-koopa on tumblr about how I develop characters in my cartoons. On this Kirblog I go into the inspiration for what goes into each character I make…the people I meet! Friends and enemies alike, I find real people generally always make for the best material in fiction.

Got questions or ideas for subjects? Leave a comment here, tweet at me, shoot me a question to my ask-box on tumblr or anything you like; I’m always open to suggestions!

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Robstar snuggle doodle dump! ovo/

They are going to be the death of me. Someone stop me.

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Finally have a chance to post these after EP.11 premiered.  NGL had a lot more fun then I thought; also added captions.

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another improvement timeline!! 2011 - 2014!

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